Although most of the reports about onsen visits on this site are about onsen in Beppu, there are quite a few reports about onsen elsewhere too. Below you will find an overview of the different areas that this site covers.



Beppu city has eight main areas for onsening. The ninth is called "Shūhen area" — or outside area — because it holds the baths that don't belong to any of the main areas. Use the links below to get a list of onsen in each area.

  1. Beppu Onsen
  2. Hamawaki Onsen
  3. Kannawa Onsen
  4. Myōban Onsen
  5. Kamegawa Onsen
  1. Kankaiji Onsen
  2. Shibaseki Onsen
  3. Horita Onsen
  4. Shūhen area


Kyūshū is the southern most of Japan's four main islands. On Kyūshū there are seven prefectures — or ken in Japanese. Beppu's prefecture Oita is one of them. Click on the name of a prefecture below to get a list of visited onsen in that prefecture.

  1. Fukuoka-ken
  2. Saga-ken
  3. Nagasaki-ken
  4. Kumamoto-ken
  1. Oita-ken
  2. Miyazaki-ken
  3. Kagoshima-ken


I haven't visited many onsen outside Kyūshū. So far I only bathed on Shikoku, in Tokyo and in Sendai.