Jul. 31, '10

湯の里 (Yu no Sato) (1/2)

Address: 別府市明礬6組
Open: From 10:00 till 22:00 (21:00 in winter)
Price: Adults: 600 yen; children: 300 yen
Website: http://www.yuno-hana.jp/roten_spring/index.html

Yu no Sato is a nice open air onsen in Myōban. The changing room is indoors and there is also a small indoor bath. The main bath and the showers are outside.

This sign says 'Rotenburo', which is Japanese for open air bath.

Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures inside. The water has a characteristic milky white color. Yu no Sato's website has pictures of the baths.

After bathing you can enjoy rice prepared in the steam of onsen.

The entrance area, with the vending machine for buying tickets.

There are more pictures in the post about our second visit to Yu no Sato.

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January 4, 2011

Maiko says:

Just to add one thing, the place recommends you take off your silver accessories since the sulfur in the water changes their colors.


November 17, 2011

Paul Choe says:

I had received a gift from a friend 1 year ago that was a yuno-hana (powder) in a small paper bag. I used 1 bag when I take bath. I felt and surprised after using yuno-hana that makes me feel nice and getting cured backache little by little.

Would you direct me how and where I can buy yuno-hana? Is it available in U.S.A? I am currently residing at New York.

Thank you. Very sincerely, Paul


November 24, 2011

Mischa says:

Thanks for your comment. I sent you an email with links to a few sites selling onsen powder from Beppu. Hope it helps :-)


June 12, 2012

rosliana says:

Can you email me the links to the site selling onsen powder from Beppu as well please? I would like to buy them. Thanks


July 3, 2012

Mischa says:

Onsen powder can be bought at the below links:


I am not associated with these sites, so I don't know if the are reliable.

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