Jan. 7, '12

岡本屋 (Okamotoya)

Address: 別府市明礬4組
Open: 13:00 till 15:00; check in till 14:00
Price: 800 yen
Website: http://www.okamotoya.net/

Okamotoya was our first onsen in the new year. It is a famous ryokan in Myōban. If you are not staying as a hotel guest, you can only bathe between 13:00 and 15:00.

Okamotoya used to be part of Beppu Onsendō, then they stopped being part of it. In 2011 they joined again, so we had to go and collect our stamp. The men's and women's bath both have two indoor baths and one big rotenburo. Interestingly, women can also use the men's rotenburo. The other way around is not allowed. I really enjoyed Okamotoya. I think it's one of the best onsen in Beppu and it's worth the 800 yen. Enjoy the pictures...

Men's indoor bath

Men's indoor bath. This bath has taki yu (waterfall shower).

Women's indoor bath

Some onsen have these fruits floating around. I wonder if it is only for decoration...

Men's rotenburo

Okamotoya is also famous for their pudding shop in Myōban. We ate some after bathing.

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