Dec. 17, '10

競輪温泉 (Keirin Onsen)

Address: 別府市亀川東町1-36
Open: 7:00 till 10:00 and 14:00 till 22:00
Price: 100 yen

Today I went to Beppu Keirin Onsen. Keirin is the Japanese word for track cycling and this onsen belongs to the velodrome in Beppu.

I went there around 5:30pm and it was very busy. It seemed like the men who were bathing had just finished their work and went straight to onsen. Although I thought the temperature of the water was very comfortable, some of the bathers were complaining that the water was luke warm. They called the person in charge and I don't know what he did, but after that it got really hot! I couldn't stay in longer than two minutes.

The building with the onsen.

On normal days bathing costs 100 yen, but on competition days the bath can be used for free. I am not sure if the riders also bathe here, but I would like to think so.

Entrance to the velodrome.

I took this picture a while back with my phone. This is what the stadium looks like.

100 yen onsen Kamegawa Onsen Cheap Beppu Onsendō Oita-ken

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January 4, 2011

Maiko says:

On game days, the bath is free between 7am and 5pm only. The first time I went there it was around 4:30 and I was told to get out by 5pm sharp.

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