Oct. 15, '12

海門寺温泉 (Kaimonji Onsen)

Address: 別府市北浜2-3-2
Open: 6:30 till 22:30
Price: 100 yen

Kaimonji Onsen is run by Beppy City. It was rebuilt a few years ago and the building looks very nice and modern now. Besides the bath, it houses a community center. When we were there a karate lesson was going on.

The onsen is located in downtown Beppu and this may be the reason that it is quite crowded. Because many people were bathing I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures of the bathing area. The bath consists of two parts. One part has very hot water, the other is not so hot. Unfortunately the part that is not so hot was not very clean. The hot part was so hot that I couldn't stay in very long. It was a bit disappointing. If you are in downtown Beppu you may want to try one of the many other baths.

Kaimonji Onsen


Sign above the entrance

There a story connected to the statue of this monk, but I forgot...

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June 6, 2013

Maiko says:

Side note: Kaimonji was the 5th most visited hot spring among 13 Beppu City-run public baths in 2012, welcoming 129,000 visitors. It was an increase of as many as 12,900 (exactly 10%) compared with 2011.

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