Jan. 6, '11

亀川筋湯 (Kamegawa Sujiyu)

Address: 亀川中央町4-16
Open: 6:30 till 21:00
Price: No set amount. Donate as much as you like.

This is the tiniest onsen I have ever been to. They don't have running water and there is hardly any space to sit next to the bath.

The building looks like a shed.

It is not allowed to use shampoo here, but it seems you can use soap. Be careful not to let any soap get into the bath. As I had already washed myself after the sand bath, I just soaked for a few minutes and got out.

It's even narrower than it looks.

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January 7, 2011

Maiko says:

When a big lady came in, the wooden floor moved and bubbles came out from the bottom. It reminded me of an old goemon-buro.
The lady talked to my mother a lot. I think this is a real communal bath.

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