Feb. 18, '11

堀田温泉 (Horita Onsen)

Address: 別府市堀田2組
Open: 6:30 till 22:30
Price: Adults: 210 yen; children: 100 yen

After skating at Kijima Kōgen Park we went for a bath in Horita. We had been to Horita Onsen a few times already, so we knew it was a nice place.

Before we bathed we took a stroll around Horita. It's a nice little neighborhood.

About 150 meters from the onsen you can see a waterfall.

Horita Onsen was rebuilt in 2003. You can still see where the old baths used to be.

I don't know how they work, but because of these installation we can soak in the onsen water.

Horita Onsen is a municipal bath, which means you get good quality for money. There are two baths: one indoor and the other outdoor. They also have about five or six showers where you can wash yourself.

Update: we visited Horita Onsen again and I had the chance to take a picture of the rotenburo. Unfortunately my camera doesn't take great pictures at night, but you get the idea:

Rotenburo Horita Onsen Cheap Beppu Onsendō Oita-ken

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June 6, 2013

Maiko says:

Horita Onsen is the most visited public bath run by Beppu City. In 2012, it had 210,600 visitors, although it received 2,600 fewer people than 2011.

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