Nov. 14, '10

浜田温泉 (Hamada Onsen)

Address: 別府市亀川浜田町991-6
Open: 6:30 till 22:30
Price: 100 yen

After running Tomikuji half-marathon in Kunisaki, I took a well deserved onsen. I decided to go to Hamada Onsen in Kamegawa. Apparently the water at Hamada soothes muscle pains, so I could use it.

The onsen is located near Kamegawa station. I think it is a walk of less than five minutes from the station.

Hamada Onsen is one of Beppu's famous onsen. The original bath was opened in 1936. In 2002 it moved to a new building across the street and the old onsen became a museum.

The new building.

I visited Hamada on a Sunday afternoon and it was quite busy. When I was bathing, there was also a man in a wheelchair. I noticed this onsen has very good facilities for disabled people and senior citizens.

The museum building across the street.

Outside the onsen is a small shrine.

100 yen onsen Kamegawa Onsen Cheap Beppu Onsendō Oita-ken

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January 4, 2011

Maiko says:

The museum is free, and it's worth a visit. The bath was located half-underground, and there was also mushiyu, a traditional steam bath.


June 6, 2013

Maiko says:

Side note: In 2012, Hamada had 95,500 visitors, which was a decrease of 12.6% (13,800 persons). This was due to the temporary close-down to renovate the facility.

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