Dec. 24, '10

キャセイの湯 (Cathay no Yu)

Address: 大分市賀来1261-1
Open: 6:00 till 1:00; Sun- and holidays: 10:00 till 1:00
Price: 300 yen

"Cathay no Yu"

Friday night we went to Cathay no Yu. This onsen is part of Cathay Hotel, a business hotel in the suburbs of Oita. The onsen has two baths — one hot, one cold — and a sauna. It costs 300 yen.

The water contains lots of aluminium-ion, natrium and kalium. My wife noticed it tasted salty.

The sauna.

Stools and buckets for washing.

The changing room.

Recently a new onsendō, called Kyūshū Hachijūhattō, was introduced. Again you have to collect 88 stamps of 88 different onsen to become onsen master, but this time the participating onsen are spread all over the southern island of Kyūshū. It may take a while to finish, because Kyūshū is pretty big.

We got our second stamp for Kyūshū Hachijūhattō at Cathay no Yu.

Outside Beppu Average price Sauna Kyūshū Onsendō Oita-ken

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January 4, 2011

Maiko says:

I knew this hotel existed for a long time, but didn't know about the hot spring at all. I am glad we could collect a stamp in Oita City.

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