Dec. 28, '10

シャレー水光園 (Chalet Suikōen)

Address: 日田市天瀬町桜竹485-1
Open: 11:00 till 17:00
Price: Adults: 500 or 800 yen; children: 300 or 400 yen

On the way home from our trip to Sujiyu we took a detour via Amagase. We went there to visit an onsen that is part of Kyūshū Hachijūhattō Onsendō: Chalet Suikōen.

When we arrived at Amagase station the onsen was not open yet, so we decided to go and see Sakura-daki. Sakura-daki is a gorgeous waterfall and it's only a five minutes' walk from the station.


Chalet Suikōen is a big hotel not far from the station. They have two baths: a big bath which costs 800 yen and does not offer anything special, and a rotenburo on the riverside. The rotenburo costs 500 yen and is extremely basic. You have to get changed in a very shabby hut and — except for the bath — you get nothing; there is no soap or shampoo. There's not even running water. This onsen is special because it appears to be part of the river next to it.

This is where you have to get changed.

The bath.

Right before we arrived at the onsen it started raining very hard. My wife thought our clothes would get wet: the roof of the hut was leaking. She decided to try the normal bath.

Chalet Suikouen's big bath.

Unless you are in the neighborhood and want to collect 88 stamps for the onsendō, I don't think this place is worth the money. You pay a lot and get very little.

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January 5, 2011

Maiko says:

I agree -- the spring in the river is rather special, but 800 yen for the indoor bath is too much.


October 29, 2011

Ric says:

I agree with Maiko san, the river baths were really nice when we went there last year, I thought the one right under the old road bridge was the best 100yen honesty box and the locals were really friendly, we'll go back there again

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